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I am a Trading Assistant on eBay

I am a Trading Assistant
I can sell your stuff on eBay!

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Selling Your Item...

  1. Pick an item to sell.
  2. Determine which listing service type you want to use: Standard, or Deluxe
  3. Fill out the Auction Listing Agreement form with contact details and item information.
  4. Bring your item to the nearest Easy eSelling location, An item pickup service is available, please see Prices page for details.
    Mail item with completed Auction Listing Agreement and Payment to Easy eSelling.
    For items weighing more than 200 pounds or bulky items call and make an appointment for an Easy eSelling representative to come to your premises and take digital pictures and get a description of your item. Arrangements for item pickup will be made after the item sells.
  5. Easy eSelling works with your item description(Standard and Deluxe Service) using our extensive eBa knowledge and HTML coding to create a customized description, takes professional digital photos of your item, and lists it in the optimal category on eBa.
  6. Easy eSelling provides you with the url link to your auction item so that you can track the status of your item.
  7. Easy eSelling handles all questions/contact with potential buyers.
  8. Easy eSelling contacts you at the end of the auction with the your item final status and selling price if applicable.
  9. Easy eSelling handles all payment arrangements and transactions with the auction item buyer. Easy eSelling pays all eBa final auction fees and any applicable selling fees. No hidden fees to the Seller
  10. Easy eSelling carefully packs and ships your item to the buyer. Seller is not responsible for any of the packing or shipping fees.
  11. Easy eSelling sends you a CHECK. See Prices page for more details.
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Home      What To Sell    Prices    Why Use Us?    Contact Us    Current Auctions